About GAS Commercial



About GAS Commercial

GAS Commercial provide a dedicated, outsourced growth solution for business.

Whether you’re looking to create a marketing strategy from scratch, develop your branding, construct large or small scale unique events or simply need an experienced hand to pick up the phone for your company, GAS Commercial, with years of experience and dedicated specialist partners have the solution for you.

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Core Team

Gerry Smyth, Director

Gerry has 30 years' experience in helping companies generate revenue. His entrepreneurial abilities have helped him develop brands, from idea generation to placement in the mainstream UK & Irish markets. It is easy to simply talk about being a business owner but Gerry has 'done it'! Under Gerry's guidance GAS Commercial will advise, support & deliver, based on your requirements. With a proven network of the best suppliers in the business, if we can't deliver a specific element of a plan, we will know and recommend someone who can. In short, we will become your most trusted advisor!


Grant Townshend, Director

A business development and events specialist, Grant has 25 years’ experience in solution sales, events design and implementation. Working with a multitude of organisations, from SMEs to multinational corporates, he has a significant track record of success. Always looking to understand, integrate meaningfully with client companies and exceed expectations in challenging markets, Grant always brings his trademark enthusiastic and energetic approach.

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