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Unlocking the power of VR for your business

In this radically changing world, it’s imperative that we adapt, innovate and transform the way we communicate.


Pace of change

Four months ago few people had experienced Zoom and many had not heard of it.

As we move into a new commercial era, we all need to adapt to a four point planning process:





Technological changes are drastically altering how individuals, companies and governments operate, ultimately leading to a societal transformation similar to previous industrial revolutions.

Klaus Schwab
Founder & Executive Chairman
World Economic Forum

The Fourth Industrial
Revolution, 2016

Unlock the power of VR

Together, we create experiences that engage your audience in social, memorable and compelling ways–unlocking the raw power of VR and reimagining how your customers and staff interface with
your brand.

Customer showrooms

Showrooms, spaces and interface rooms, bespoke to your brand, products and messaging.

Virtual events

Reimagine conferences, live events and meetings with the limitless potential of VR.

Product launches

Anything from global
live events through to distributors, dealers and reseller engagements.

Virtual presentations

Overcome travel restrictions, risk of infection and reduce your carbon footprint with high impact, unique VR presentations


From planning & development through to Sales & Marketing tools.


Open up an entirely unique platform for training solutions.

Orthopedic Surgeons have experienced a 570% improvement in operations by utilising VR training.

A unique solution

  • An instantaneous go-live solution
  • Leading the sector in 'social-business' VR – enabling connection remotely with your key clients and potential clients
  • A highly immersive and interactive
    customer experience
  • Brand-centric – we create unique experiences that fully embrace your brand – from the moment your audience receive their Oculus, and every subsequent touch-point thereafter
  • No app store downloads needed, the app arrives pre-installed on the Oculus

What we’ve achieved so far

  • A grant with Facebook/Oculus to create a 'world first' VR Planetarium
  • Live NASA launch and regular updates
  • Luxury Property 'showcase'- from planning/development through to sales
  • Property Development Experience
  • Market leading 'Sound Systems' demo
  • Premium marque 'driver' experience

What we want to create for you

A fully interactive, live-streaming VR demo that will showcase the potential of your market-leading solutions.

Fast-track access to your
own VR solution

  • Lightning fast speed to market – create bespoke immersive VR experiences that can be updated effortlessly and in real-time
  • Goodbye lag (the time it takes to stream live content) – we have market leading technology that is faster than anything else, keeping up with the conversation, wherever you are based

Agility when
it matters most

  • Achieve 'Proof of Concept' within 4 weeks,
    not 6 months
  • Eradicate the frustrations created by travel restrictions – VR helps continue your dialogue in a face-to-face manner
  • Our solution is already approved on the Oculus Store, meaning your bespoke experience can be live without additional Oculus Store approvals required
  • Our expert team will design your experience and create VR content to high standards with rapid response

How we can achieve this

  • Ability to create a bespoke VR space/solution for your business within weeks NOT months
  • A trusted and established partner who have a strong relationship with Oculus
  • Maximising the customer experience by working with the best-performing upload rate in the VR market
  • A proven track record of delivery from User Experience (UX) experts (with backgrounds in gaming – EA Sports)

5 virtual reality statistics you need to know from 2019

Global VR market is expected to grow
to $44.7 billion by 2024
Gaming VR market expected to grow to $22.9 billion by 2020
YouTube’s VR channel has over 3 million subscribers
VR Retail and Marketing applications will generate $1.8 billion in revenue by 2022
77% of VR users want experiences with more social engagement
Alan Seal
VP of Engineering
@ vXchnge

Growth of VR

Segment compound annual growth rate for next 5 years.

PwC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook: 2019–2023

Next steps

We will create a really rich end-to-end journey,
in presentation form, that takes you through the experience we can create for you.
  • Scope Proof of Concept
  • Agree Proof of Concept
  • Outline Initial set up
  • Roll-out demo
  • Finalise requirement prior to going live
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